Top three (3) signs to measure effective mentorship and coaching

So, you have found a mentor or a mentee who is an excellent fit. But how do you understand if your partnership is simply working? To help you pick out whether or not your partnership is on the proper track, we have compiled a list of “Top three (3) signs to measure effective mentorship and coaching” that point out if your mentoring relationship is working.


1.      You are meeting consistently

With mentoring, it is essential to set up one easy guiding principle off the bat. Consistently taking time demonstrates commitment, which builds trust between the mentor and mentee. Having an everyday meeting on the calendar additionally offers shape to the relationship and minimizes stress, so you can focus on what matters: 


2.      You are both questioning outside the box

Mentors and mentees who are curious and inclined to attempt new techniques will obtain the most from a mentoring relationship. 

“Curiosity helps us learn, hold new information, and make development faster.”


3.      You are both attaining your goals.

Among the strongest signs of a remarkable partnership is the fulfillment of both the mentor’s and mentee’s goals. 



Oh! The relationship is no longer working out. Now what?

If you have begun to doubt the relationship you have with your mentor or mentee, consider discussing your issues with them earlier than calling it quit. It may also be beneficial to try to hone in on why you feel the partnership didn’t work. 

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