4 Ways To Use Online Content Platforms To Deliver Customer Experience for Value Creation

Content platforms, like Facebook or LinkedIn, have evolved to the point where they are now one of the most effective ways companies can reach their target audience. Even so, many business leaders remain unconvinced and are not yet taking advantage of this resource.

It prompts an obvious question. Why would any business leader hesitate to jump into a medium that’s relatively inexpensive—or even free—and boasts millions of eyeballs?


Real Bite-Sized Practical Ways to Grow Your Business

Of course, no marketing strategy can truly be called “free” when it requires your organization to carve out staff time. And any successful social media campaign will require a significant amount of strategy to be effective. Lacking a data-driven plan and content guardrails, your approach to content through social media and other content platforms could easily fall flat or, worse, prove detrimental to your brand’s image.

When engaging with a worldwide audience on any content platform, ask yourself with every post how you’re benefiting your audience. Listed below are four potential categories to include in the content strategy that can help you provide value and attract followers.

1. Share Your Vision

Audiences understand that, first and foremost, companies are driven by the goal of making money. What might not be as obvious is the company vision that undergirds its products and services. For example, some entrepreneurs are looking primarily to fill a need in society and seek to raise money to turn that vision into a reality.

Content platforms provide a great opportunity for businesses to share their vision with existing and prospective customers. Visions can be a lot easier to affirm than any single product or passing trend. Positive mission statements fall neatly in line with a growing desire for customers to support brands that share similar values and interests.

2. Increase Your Accessibility

Customers appreciate brands that make themselves available to answer questions and fix problems. Those same customers spend much of their free time on social media.

In fact, the average global citizen spends nearly two and a half hours on social media and other content platforms every day. To increase accessibility, your business could start by opening up direct messaging with customers as another channel for communication. Some customers prefer these channels over phone calls and email. Many now prefer to send a quick message using social media—before they forget to reach out.

3. Demonstrate Consistency

As they say in the marketing world, “Content is king.” In those two hours or more that consumers are spending on content platforms like social media, they are consuming gigabytes of content.

Most of what they see is meticulously designed to capture their attention, if only for just a moment. If your social media presence hopes to compete against a seemingly endless supply of background noise, your content strategy must be on target.

4. Seek Out (and Respond to) Feedback

Getting feedback you might not receive otherwise is one of the best uses of online content platforms for businesses. Feedback coming directly from your customer base often provides the direction your company needs to bring increased value to your audience.

Resist the temptation to use social media just to browse through posts and comments. Seek instead to actively request feedback using polls, surveys and posts that utilize questions and calls to action. Whenever you do receive feedback, put it to use!

This article originally appeared on Forbes.

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